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Hours of Operation:
Sunday–Thursday, 11:00 a.m.–9:00 p.m.
Friday & Saturday, 11:00 a.m.–10:00 p.m.
1646 Lincoln Highway E
Lancaster, PA 17602

Fresh Pizza in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Pizza Buffet: Monday, 5:00 p.m.–8:00 p.m.
Satisfy your cravings for fresh pizza when you come to Papa Dino's in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to have a slice or two. From traditional cheese to gourmet toppings, our pizza restaurant has the perfect pizza for anyone.
Pizza, Fresh Pizza in Lancaster, PA

Size or Slice

Feed the whole family with tasty fresh pizza from Papa Dino's, which are available in small 12", large 14", or extra-large 16" portions. We even serve pizza just by the slice. Don't forget to add all your favorite toppings to make your pizza taste even better:
• Pepperoni
• Pork
• Mushrooms
• Salami
• Sweet Peppers
• Extra Cheese
• Anchovies
• Bacon
• Hamburger
• Green Peppers
• Pineapple
• Black Olives
• Ham
• Extra Sauce
• Tomatoes
• Onions

Specialty Pizzas

Sample true traditional flavors with our specialty pizzas from our restaurant. From a tasty taco pizza to mouthwatering steak pizza, we have something for any palate. Specialty pizzas include:
• Everything Pizza
• Steak Pizza
• Taco Pizza
• Tomato Sauce & Cheese
• Double Dough

Unique Approach to Pizza

At our pizza restaurant, we take a unique approach to preparing your pie. After rolling out the dough and putting the cheese on the bottom of the pie, we sauce it up perfectly.

In Addition to Pizza

While Papa Dino's offers delicious and fresh pizza, our full menu also includes other scrumptious options that are sure to satisfy. From fresh dough stromboli to spaghetti, we have something for everyone.

Small & Large Stromboli

• The Original
• Cheesesteak
• Vegetarian
Contact us today in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to place an order for fresh pizza delivery.